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Services for Knowledge creation and Knowledge dissemination

Unity Farm is committed to sharing its learning, and experiences and developing ideas with the wider community of socially and economically marginalized backgrounds across the world. It also works with fellow development organizations to contribute to an economically, socially, and environmentally just and equitable global society.

Unity Farm believes that the empowerment of human resources through knowledge and capacity building is the key to sustaining any development process. Strengthening the competence of people enables them to play an important and effective role in planning, implementation, maintenance, and mentoring of the development process.

Trainings and Exposure Visits Offered:

Unity Farm organizes training and exposure visits on sustainable and natural farming practices for interested organizations and community groups on request. A mix of presentations and field visits is organized. Specialized training is also conducted on request.

It has encouraged initiatives and experimentation to achieve effectiveness and excellence. Unity Farm believes in an integrated approach to development encompassing social, economic, and human development, and empowerment.

Training Program:

  1. Natural regenerative agriculture

  2. Certifications

  3. Seed Banks

  4. Poultry Rearing

  5. Pisciculture

  6. Organic Food Processing

  7. Kitchen Waste Composts

  8. Permaculture

  9. Sustainable Practices

  10. Ecosystem – Recycling, bio –moss - optimizing nutrient availability- Balancing Nutritional Flow

  11. Favorable soil conditions Minimizing Loss through unfavorable Factors.

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